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LeftField is an Owner’s Representative and Project Management firm, established and formed in 2007. We specialize in project management, predominantly in Massachusetts, and have significant experience in the public sector working with municipalities and building authorities. LeftField has completed over $580M and is currently managing over $1.3B in MSBA-funded projects since the MSBA’s inception. As Project Managers, we work in conjunction with the Owner serving as an extension of their staff. Our primary role is to protect the Owner’s interests, to ensure that the Owner is well-served and that the established goals and objectives are met in the most efficient manner, physically and fiscally.  We have established protocols and procedures that will ensure that each project is delivered to the Town and School Districts’ expectations - on budget and on schedule. We have a strong background in quality control through on-site representation, as well as equally strong expertise in the engineering and commissioning of building systems.

LeftField is well-versed in all phases of project management: planning, feasibility, preconstruction, design, bidding, construction, commissioning, and close-out. We have significant experience in working on both design-bid-build construction contract methodologies as well as with the Construction Management at-Risk (CM at-Risk) approach.  In addition to managing the design and construction of a project, LeftField has been instrumental in assisting owners with the acceptance and turnover of buildings from construction to operations. LeftField was selected by Eversource to develop a Preventative Maintenance Program and an approach to energy savings for their larger clients. As such, LeftField has the operational experience to assist in the MEP life-cycle analysis and the management of the commissioning process for all major equipment.

Results-driven, with a dogged focus on the bottom line from the get-go, our impressive staff consistently delivers. Where many might see the phrase “out in left-field” as eccentric or odd, to us it signals exactly what’s needed in this industry − a truly unique and highly effective approach to complex project management. We pride ourselves on our talented staff’s ability to consider and evaluate all viable solutions to a potential problem to ensure the safest, most efficient, and most cost-effective solution.

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