Preliminary Design Program (PDP)

FloRo PDP 00 Table of Contents

FloRo PDP 01 Introduction

FloRo PDP 02 Educational Program

FloRo PDP 03 Initial Space Summary

FloRo PDP 04 Evaluation of Existing Conditions

FloRo PDP 05 Site Development Requirements

FloRo PDP 06 Preliminary Evaluation of Alternatives

FloRo PDP 07 Local Actions & Approvals

FloRo PDP 08.1.1Statement of Interest

FloRo PDP 08.1.2 Invitation to Conduct Feasibility Study & MSBA Board Action Letter

FloRo PDP 08.1.3 Executed Design Enrollment Certificate

FloRo PDP 08.1.4 Capital Budget Statement & Target Budget

FloRo PDP 08.2.17 Educational Visioning

FloRo PDP 08.2.17 Landscape Visioning

FloRo PDP 08.4.1 Flo Ro Legal Title

FloRo PDP 08.4.3 Historic Requirements MHC PNF

FloRo PDP 08.4.5 Building Code & AAB Compliance Report

FloRo PDP 08.4.7 Civil Assessment

FloRo PDP 08.4.7 Landscape Assessment

FloRo PDP 08.4.7 MEP Assessment

FloRo PDP 08.4.7 Security Assessment

FloRo PDP 08.4.7 Structural Assessment

FloRo PDP 08.4.8 Need for Soil Exploration & Geotechnical Evaluation

FloRo PDP 08.4.9 Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

FloRo PDP 08.4.10 Hazardous Materials Assessment

FloRo PDP 08.4.12 Groton-Dunstable Reg. HS Report

FloRo PDP 08.4.13 Swallow Union Elementary School Report

FloRo PDP 08.6.1 MEP,FP Conceptual Systems Narrative

FloRo PDP 08.6.4 Structural Assessment of Options

FloRo PDP 08.6.5 Code Assessment of Options

FloRo PDP 08.6.7 Comparative Probable Cost Analysis

FloRo PDP 08.7.1 Certified Copies of SBC Meeting Information